I want to build an application where the members can send SOS alerts to each other. I want to use it for my college as we have to fill a form to record our attendance and we have to fill it in 2 minutes. 

Is there a way where all the students can download an application and send alerts of different types to one another?
 Shashank Mahajan Mayank Nagpal Ashish Kumar 

Possible with #nocode, but we'll need a third-party integration for notifications (like OneSignal, etc.)

You can schedule a zoom call with me & we can discuss further - https://calendly.com/rishabhsonker/build
Hi all, I  am using webflow free version and I am making a form in webflow for desktop & mobile, I want to export code but unable to export. if I take paid version, The code will be work properly or not?  on web and mobile

Webflow's own form functionality will not work once you exported the code. if you still wanna do it, we can connect our Webflow form to Mailchimp 
Brijesh Maddheshiya replied
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No-code platforms provide a way to build web and mobile apps without writing code. Basically, you want to build an app (mobile, web, etc) but you don’t know how to code, so you use a platform to build it and deploy it. Instead of building your layout with code, you typically drag and drop components or parts of an application. [... post in progress]