Ashish Kumar

Design Lead,
✌️ 🛠️
Greetings! Welcome all, I'm Ashish, Visual Design Lead / Interaction designer at and Nocode Studio. You can remember me as The Design Quality Control! I sneak around all over the work our team does and thrive for Impeccable visual perfection, Pleasantness, and Experience. I try to make people smile and have a eureka through Interactive Web Experiences. 

Some facts about me ->
  • I am unconditionally in love with the hue of Yellow. #FFC300
  • I buy Authentic tech just for the experience.
  • On my journey to be an Awwwards Jury.
  • I play a lot with motion, Easings are one of my best friends.
  • I like being called "Alevikx" it's just a nickname I made up for myself, it sounds cool when pronounced and also it's also easier to find domains 😛
  • Lastly, I'm also an enthusiast PC builder, which a lot of people don't know 👀

Come on and say "Hi 👋" on any of my social platforms to start a quality conversation or if you just wanna know how to pronounce "Alevikx"